The BJP Index Project Download

Most photographica collectors will be familiar with the British Journal Photographic Almanac – these were produced annually for a many years and are an ideal starting point for research as they contain a ‘New Goods’ section, which gives an accurate indication of when a new product was introduced (to the UK). The downside is that although each annual has an index of the advertisers, none of them contain an index to the actual products. Long time PCCGB member and contributor John Wade came up with the idea of producing a FULL index to the New Goods from every BJP Almanac – this was undertaken by a group of PCCGB volunteers and is now complete and available to download. The index can be searched by manufacturer or camera model and indicates the year of BJP that is is featured in along with the page number. The file will be updated over time to correct minor discrepancies in the data.

Click on the BJP image to go to theĀ  download page for the file.

This project file is the property of the PCCGB and MUST NOT be shared with anyone outside of the club.